Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Dentist and Other Fun Morning Activities

Considering my recent status as unemployed, I figured I better use my insurance before it runs out in a month.
Speaking of insurance, a little tangent will follow. Want to guess how much COBRA will be for me and my three girls? $1,500.00 a month! Are you kidding!?! Unemployment is about $1000.00 a month so if I didn’t need utilities or rent or food what is an extra $500 to ensure my health coverage. Yep. Nothing wrong with that system.
Anyway, a little bit about my love of the dentist. I know I’ve never mentioned this before, and you will be shocked and amazed, but I hate touching and having someone mess around with my teeth makes it even worse. Then they always seemed compelled to tell me their life story and ask me questions while the poker / scraper / grabber is in my mouth.
The regular dentist isn’t there so the kid and I see his partner. All three of my girls are missing their lateral incisors (the teeth next to the front teeth) so I’ve been through this times two already with the older girls. This dentist insists that she can keep the canines in place and file them down. So 20 minutes into this discussion, and why it is a stupid idea, we move on to why I need all of my molars capped, right away, it’s imperative. Really? Well it’s amazing that in all the years I’ve let some stranger put his hands in my mouth I’ve never heard that before but sure, no current income and I’ll be happy to drop ten grand into letting you tear out my teeth.
Moral of the story? Before going to the dentist, take a Xanax. As a matter of fact, they should just dispense them as you come in the door.

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