Saturday, December 22, 2012

The American Film Consumer

So this week I watched The Hobbit (wow!) and Twit-Light (because you just have to do that) and Jack Reacher (of the no-underpants Reachers) AND at all three, there was the preview of the new Star Trek movie. (Whoot! Whoot!) So here is what I am thinking; what an interesting conglomeration representing the American viewing public.
A sniper movie released near the time of a gun tragedy. (I know they pushed it back a week but still a noteworthy correlation.) Including an in-movie discussion of those “crazy” soccer moms’ call for gun control. Also, a surprising lack of sex, so I could not, indeed, verify the no-underpants thesis. And for those of us who have read the book, Mr. Cruise, while he does a good job portraying the ultimate man’s man, is just too damn short and not nearly Nordic looking enough to represent the character. However, a true independent, self-reliant, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps kind of fantasy. (Granted, completely unrealistic but still, what American folk tale or wish for complete independence is?)
Next, a teen girls’ salivating fantasy. (Not that I don’t understand the fantasy. I watched Dirty Dancing about three thousand times in my younger years.) Two super-human, hottie hotness in combat for your affection and you end up keeping both, all be it in an odd and sort of creepy way. Wealth, cars, houses, a child to treat like a little doll and eternal youth, all obtained as a result of your natural pheromones, self-destructive behavior and posturing and pouting.
Hm, evidently I really don’t like this story! Having three girls of my own, I would never tell them to pin their hopes, future security and self-esteem on marrying either a vampire or a werewolf. Or for that matter; royalty, a trust fund baby or a Kardashian. You might want to broaden your home economics plan. A bit of advice from someone who has been there, done that. Girls, if you want it, then best be lacing up the big girl shoes, going on out there, smacking heads and getting it! Then if you find a fabulous companion on the way, so much the better.
One more little digression, but it’s a good one! This is a quote from one of the attendees at the recent Twilight Forks Event about a Twilight Lecturer. “Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon, and we didn’t realize how much her religion played into the ‘Twilight’ series. … He told us about how Bella and Edward, in the series, represent the relationship between man and God. Edward is God, Bella is man, and when he leaves she feels an absence in her heart.” What!?! Even I won’t stretch it this far! Leave the Mormon’s out of it.
Finally, a hero fantasy that we stole from another country. Again wow! What isn’t relatable about wanting more than you have but being afraid of the unknown? I think it is such a human drive and so many of us, me included, choose to stay in our nice little Hobbit holes. I guess we will regret it when Dark Lord Sauron comes to visit.
So there it is, blend of America; ultimate independence with wicked skills fantasy versus ultimate being taken care of in a Princess of Romania kind of way fantasy versus ultimate hero’s fantasy versus join Star Fleet fantasy. If forced to choose and leave my comfortable bed, I know which one I would attempt. Which one would you choose?

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