Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"I am not allowed to sing, dance, laugh or wear short skirts. Having a teenage daughter is like living with the Taliban." Kathy Lette. So very true.
I have a list of the approved apparel I’m allowed to wear and a list of acceptable mannerisms I can engage in while I’m in public. (Primarily, don’t say anything to anybody or engage in eye contact.)
Montana thinks she wants to go to Arizona State University. I’m seriously considering going back to school too. However, I am now also forbiden to attend any University where she is a student, even if we are on seperate campuses.
My Mom went back to Law School later in life. When I was a freshman, we had one year in overlap while she finished her degree. I thought it was kind of nice having her around and I would go study in her little Law Library carrel pretty regularly. Montana won’t know what she is missing.

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