Thursday, December 13, 2012

Star Folk –vs- Tween Folk – Bring It On!

For those paying attention (And who wouldn’t be!?!) The Star Trek versus Twilight battle started with a jab from one of the actors. “Takei, the only actor to have had a role in both "Star Trek" and "Star Wars," suggests that fans of both franchises settle their feud by uniting against a common enemy "Twilight." Takei, pleading with his fellow "Starfolk," calls the "Twilight" franchise an "ominous, mutual threat." As well he should!
So today I thought we would take a little look at rivalry because fandom without rivalry is half a stadium of jersey-wearing, face- painted, sports fans taking a nap. And since there are only so many narcoleptic devotees it sure isn’t lucrative. Stir up some controversy and then it gets interesting!
The Star Folk rivalries have settled into a geekdom-researched, hypothetical physics extravaganza. (Doesn’t it makes you feel all nerdy and smart just thinking about it?) Sorry to say, there is no actual light-saber, photon-phaser death match of truth. But you can bet your butt there are plenty of dry erase boards in university laboratories with diagrams, formulas and charts!
“The perfect union between Star Trek and Star Wars would be if Captain Kirk and Princess Leia were to run off together.” William Shatner
The Tween Folk rivalry (I’m including Twilight, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games) appears to break down first, into feminist righteous indignation and second into fits of giggling over hottie-hotness. The brilliance of Twilight is the hottie-hotness rivalry IS the story, the entire story, so who cares if nothing else happens? Ever. In four books.
Unlike the Star Folks, Twilight has a pretty formidable backlash. Harry Potter did have some backlash based on sorcery (and the inability of some individuals to mature beyond the 15th century of witch burning.) But Twilight has a troop of real haters. Presumable, there should be more to being female than being one point in a supernatural love triangle. Who could have guessed that expectations for teen girls would be so high?
Conclusion: The Star Folks pick a team, delve into minutia and enjoy the rivalry. It’s kind of like Fantasy Football or March Madness for the mental athletes. There are also plenty of romantic interludes to make it interesting.
(All tips go towards the kill-a-twilight fan foundation) The Tween Folks have a more nebulous rivalry. It seems to breakdown into team Anything Twilight and team Anything BUT Twilight. Kristen Stewart summarized it perfectly when asked about how she felt after filming the last Twilight movie. “Get a life and stop taking my picture.” Ah, sage advice from one not known for her intellect.
The tally so far in the “Not the Craziest Fan Base?”
Obsessive Compulsive Behavior: Tie.
Big Ugly Fan Tattoos: Tie.
Sense Not to Camp Out on Public Property to Attend an Event: Trekkies.
Event Options: Movies to Twihards and Conventions to Trekkies so overall, Tie.
Governmental Acknowledgement: (Thanks to NASA) Trekkies.
Bazaar Product Consumption: Tie.
The Need to Make Elaborate Themed Related Crap: Trekkies.
Inspiration for Band Formation: Tie (Trek inspired Wrap 11 and Twilight inspired The Bella Cullen Project.)
Longevity: 46 years and hands down to Trekkies.
Bad Acting: They both have their fair share so Tie.
Fans with a Sense of Humor: reluctant Tie. (Trekkies seem to recognize the ludicrous while Twihards are unintentionally amusing.)
Cool Skills Comparison: Tie (The Twilight boys have lot going on but the Trekkies know how to use what they’ve got.)
Appreciation for Cool Graphics: No contest, Trekkies.
The Hottest Hotties: It’s comparing geek sex to tween hypothetical sex and both meet fan expectations: Tie

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