Saturday, December 29, 2012

Redefine Success!

I did a post awhile back about what is not helpful to hear when one is depressed. What is helpful? Well depression, by its nature, slashes skills most needed for coping; objectivity and reasoning. I stressed a lot about losing my job. (In the end, not so paranoid, but I was stressing for the wrong reasons.) My friend from work spent time giving me a reality check and telling me to “chill”.
Also, my brother had a good bit of advice, “Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill both had severe depression and they managed to run countries during wars.” Which leads me to the other helpful idea; redefine what success is. When I’m depressed, I beat myself up for not being productive. So I redefined success as being able to maintain a job. That has . . . oh wait! Now I really am depressed! New definition of success? I guess breathing in and out may be a little low on expectations but let’s go with it for now.

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