Monday, December 10, 2012

Pinterest – Too Easy

My daughter went through a brief period where she wanted to play the drums. I had a basement and she had a drum set. Not a bad set up. 
She also got on the drum line with the high school band. (I too was a band geek but I was really, really geeky and played the flute. 
At least she chose something that could possibly translate to music celebrity. No one has said that ever about the flute.) What drum line instrument did she end up with? 
Marching Band and the Bass Drum. Not known for convenience. Too Easy.

Yep, the bass drum. 
So being the kind of mom who always jumps on an opportunity for presenting a life lesson, I told her, "Now every time you think about having sex, just think about lugging that drum around for nine months." 
Her response? 
"Why can’t you just be a normal mom and take me to band practice without warning me about sex?" 
Well, I guess that isn’t too much to ask.
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