Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kitchen Fire Extinguishers, Get One!

One year ago, I was downstairs working on some project and the oldest one yells, “Mom. Come up here!” I think to myself I’ll just finish what I’m doing and then mosey on up. Then Montana screams for me. So I run upstairs and a pan with grease in it is one fire. The fire is big enough that the flames are half way up the cupboards. Before I can stop her, Montana grabs the pan and throws it in the sink. Savannah runs over with the kitchen fire extinguisher and the entire sink and counter get sprayed. (Two words on kitchen fire extinguishers, get one!)
The poor kid has a second degree burn all the way up her arm except for a small band around her wrist where she was wearing a bracelet. We make a trip to the ER. I call my dad (the dermatologist) to meet us. When we arrive the self-appointed nurse Nazi isn’t going to let us all come back (all meaning the kid with the injury, her mother and her MD grandfather who knows a bit about skin.) Really!?! Your primary job is to be a wiener to the families that come into the ER? I would like to see your job description. Fortunately for him, my dad defused the situation. “OK, just this once, I’ll let you all go back.” Oh thank you grand keeper of the magical ER doors. So after much waiting around, we are told, “Yep, that’s a burn alright.” They have a real grasp on the obvious.

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