Sunday, December 2, 2012

Groceries with toddlers!

When we lived in Virginia, you couldn’t take a shopping cart out to your car. There were blocks at the front of the store preventing anyone from absconding with a cart. If you bought a stack of groceries, you left the cart and then drove around to pick up everything. I usually tried to avoid buying so many things that I couldn’t carry all the bags to my car.
The problem was my middle kid. We would start reviewing the plan of action in the store, “You need to stay by mom. You can’t run out by the cars.” “Ok.” As we got closer to the exit, I would try to recruit strangers. “Do you think you could help me for a minute? My kid loves to run into the parking lot." Then the inevitable slip from my grasp and run full tilt towards our car. So I gave up and started pulled my car around like the rest of the shoppers. Miraculously she wasn’t hit by a car, well not while we lived in Virginia anyway.

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