Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Because if it was easy, it wouldn’t be my life.

After the kid didn’t make the final cut for school volley ball, I signed her up at the Y. The Y is about 5 minutes from the house and it’s the Y so it has to be well organized right? The nice lady at the counter told me all slots were full but the kid would be the first alternate. A week later I called to see if she was in. The nice lady at the counter said she certainly didn’t know that kind of information but I could call the coach directly. The coach said the nice lady at the counter was mistaken and there were plenty of slots available. So back to the Y and the nice lady at the counter got a little ruffled when informed that she was mistaken. But she ended up taking my money and the kid was in!
The first practice was from 8 to 9 and not at the Y as I had anticipated, but at a local high school. (Who has a practice ending at 9 for 12 year olds?) After circling the building about a dozen times, a nice lady with a cleaning bucket directed me to a separate building. It was everything a volley ball practice should be. A big gym with a dozen other activities happening at the same time. Hard wooden bleachers and a hot, steamy funk in the air. A noise level that rivaled jet planes and three thousand balls of various sizes being lobbed here and there. Not to mention all the little brothers and sisters of the players running amuck and occasionally getting nailed in the face with a stray ball. Well, I consoled myself, at least I know where the gym is now.
But no, the regular practices and games would be held at a different high school, 30 minutes away. So on game day the kid and I head to the new gym. Evidently we are only entitled to use the auxiliary gym where just one game can occur at a time. The schedule was made for two consecutive games so they are about an hour behind. As an added bonus there are no bleachers and the parents sit on the floor in direct ball-clobbering range. However, being no dummy, I bought myself ear plugs before the game. Good thinking on my part!

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