Monday, November 19, 2012

Who is Less Nutty, Trekkies or Twihards?

For those of you who share my lack of attention span and retention ability, indulge me in a little review. In case you have been living under a rock for the last month, the final Twilight film has been released. (Can you hear the millions of tweens tweeting?) So, not being a fan of Bella the character or Kristen the stand-there-with-just-one facial expression “actor”, I thought I would conduct my own little scientific experiment titled: Who is Less Nutty, Trekkies or Twihards?
So far the Trekkies are ahead of the Twihards. But all you Twihards, don’t despair, I have a few more comparisons to make (including sex appeal.)
The Longevity Comparison
Star Trek aired in 1966! OK Lincoln on the bridge is probably not accurate but still! That is 46 years ago (and the year of my birth, so you know good things come from that year.) For 46 years, Trekkies have found something to be enamored with.
They protested in 1968 when Star Trek was canceled, they memorized trivia from 5 different TV series and 11 movies and they still think Spock is very, very, very cool!
I mean the man is 81 years old and he is still doing movies.
The Twilight movie was released in 2009 from the 2006 book. Six years of Twihards with the main cast in their 20’s and no, Edward being born in 1901 doesn’t give the Twihards longevity points.
Longevity comparison results to the Trekkies
The Bad Acting Comparison
I don’t think I need to state which two actors in the series have the reputation for not-so-very realistic emoting. But, what would you rather see? This?
Or some of this?
Bad Acting comparison results, though one is more entertaining,
I’m going to say it’s a tie.
The humor or hysteria comparison
Humor(well it is pretty funny but appears to be unintentional so no humor points.)
Attempt at Humor but clearly Hysteria
Humor comparison results? To be fair, Twihards haven’t had as much time out of the gate to see the amusement of fandom to a fictional series and there are Trekkies who go beyond the fanatical so I’m ruling another tie.
And because I have to listen (or at least pretend to listen) to the 12 year old describe the movie to me in excruciating details there will be more to come . . .
including the comparison of sex appeal for geeks!

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