Monday, November 12, 2012

White Light, better than a good set of snow tires

Another story from my social work school, in the early 1990’s. One of the students in my group, Sharmon, was woman from the hippie generation who believed in a higher power in general rather than specific terms. Her therapeutic stance was love, acceptance and a positive presence. (You say to yourself, you have to go to school for that!?! Actually, the longer I’m in the field the more I think it is just about the only therapeutic position that does work.) Another member of my group, Marty, was a very nice, shy guy in his late 20’s and originally from the South. He was about as conservative as social workers get. So, we would carpool to the indigent therapeutic counseling center where poor peoples’ minds were warped by the do-gooder students. Most of the carpool time involved good-natured debates. One evening, Sharmon was driving us home in the snow. She was afraid of driving in the snow so she started making huge circling motions with her right hand, left hand still of the wheel. “I’m putting white light around the car so we don’t slide. Marty, you better duck if you don’t want any.”

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