Sunday, November 11, 2012

Water to Wine . . . to Juice?

True story about the naivety of parenthood. When my little sister was about ten, my mom took her shopping and, both thinking they were a fancy juice drink, they picked out wine coolers. My sister consumed half a bottle before showed my fourteen year old sister her purchase. The fourteen year old was aware of the misrepresentative nature of Bartles and James so ended the alcohol consumption, at age ten.
I remember the uproar about the sale of wine coolers in grocery stores. Arguments basically state that, because of their purposely deceptive nature, it is impossible for alcoholically na├»ve individuals to distinguish wine coolers from regular juice drinks. In addition, they specifically appeal to underage children with their frosty, fruity goodness. Ironically, it’s true!!
“Thousands run in their underwear to protest against Utah’s “uptight” laws. Sept. 2011”

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