Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trekkies - they don’t camp or purse smack

Trekkies versus Twihards comparison three: Event attendance. Are you a fan of any series? Fan enough to spend next month’s rent to camp out for days, in inclement weather, without bathrooms, for an event, while wearing a costume and being prepared to smack anyone that gets between you and an actor’s signature? If not, then I think the Twilight Fan base may be able to kick your butt. (A sample of fans who have nothing on the Twilight Teens.)
A few Twilight news blurbs: “Some 2,200 people from all over the world have registered to camp on a concrete plaza outside a downtown Los Angeles movie theater, movie studio to see the red carpet premiere of the final Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 2.” If I were going to travel across the world, I think I might, just possibly, find something else to do. But that’s just me.
“A scheduled event, for 500, at the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco with "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson was canceled Monday morning when a crowd of roughly 3,000 fans quickly turned violent.” Perhaps they are preparing for the ultimate showdown with the Volturi.
So, of course I researched Trekkie’s popping up tents and smacking each other with purses. It doesn’t appear to happen and, generally speaking there is orderly, though costume-bedecked, event attendance. Win for the Trekkies!!
What about event options? Obviously, there are no current Star Trek, intergalactic-mayhem movies where the flux capacitor is saved by distilling Tibble byproduct (if you aren’t a Trekkie, trust me that is funny.) So by default, the big screen has to go to Twilight.
However, when you are talking conventions, Star Trek is years ahead in planning and presenting.
Twilight conventions, on the other hand, well here is a quote: “’None of our students are vampires — at least, not that we’re aware of,’ grinned Kevin Rupprecht, the real-life principal of Forks High School, who promised me that he resists the daily temptation to call Edward Cullen to his office over the loudspeaker.” So, based on silliness, the convention win? Star Trek
A final point about convention options, fan cruises. I have a natural tendency to mock this! Love Boat with Klingons? But, back in my scrapbook days, there were dozens of scrapbook cruises and I desperately wanted to go so I have to say Ledo Deck gathering of Team Edward? If it works for you than great!

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