Thursday, November 22, 2012

The happy stick family car decal backlash.

Story from social work school. Generally speaking, social work students are female, intelligent, pissed off and flaming liberals, even in Utah. However, we did have some very conservative, very religious students which made for interesting classroom combat. One day we were debating how unfair the label “intact families” was because of the implication that the other families were “broken” and “broken” was a bad, bad label and everyone should be happy and have good shiny labels. (To be fair, I was right in there nodding and agreeing and saying yes indeed. It isn’t until later in life that most social workers start calling it like it is.) So one of our conservative social work sisters, based on LDS doctrine, suggested, “We could call them ‘Celestial Families.’’’ Complete silence while the non-LDS students geared up for complete death attack. The teacher, stunned, held up her hand and said, “I’m not going to touch that one . . . and neither is anyone else.”
Well now that I am the head of an “oh-so-very-broken, single parent, dysfunctional, socio-economically challenged family with no celestial prospects,” I am thinking I should have a better label or at least the ability to have a happy stick family car decal. Therefore, finding the happy stick family car decal backlash makes me happy!

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