Wednesday, November 14, 2012

“Starfolks” versus “Twihards”

With the final (for now) Twilight movie coming out, I thought I would join the spectacular in my own special, geeky and ridiculous way. I’m focusing on the recent Star Trek, Star Wars, Twilight battle. For those of you not in the know, here is the news blurb.
“Takei, the only actor to have had a role in both "Star Trek" and "Star Wars," suggests that fans of both franchises settle their feud by uniting against a common enemy "Twilight." Takei, pleading with his fellow "Starfolk," calls the "Twilight" franchise an "ominous, mutual threat."
I find this intriguing, so I have a few comparisons of the Trekkies versus the Twihards and, when you are talking diehard fan base of any entertainment franchise, you know there is going to be some funny stuff!
Comparison One: Obsession Both fan bases have obsessive tendencies. Trekkies appears to be focused on which hypothetical, galaxy traveling culture would kick butt and they typically have the physics to back up their position.
Twihards are, well, I’ll let this speak for itself.

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