Friday, November 16, 2012

Social work - still NOT funny!

Our company has been bought. The big bosses are trying to decide if they can keep everyone and our CEO sent out an email yesterday saying that he needs the weekend to decide on staff and thanks and he values us and we are a great employees and stay positive. So, thinking that I’m funny, I compose an email for my work friend: Will the decision be based on charisma and looks, like a social work beauty pageant? (Trust me, the social work group is NOT the group you want running around in swimsuits and heels. But, we would kick butt on interviews since they are usually about social issues.)
What do I do? You know it! I hit reply to the sender not forward to my friend. It is one of those immediate, “No!!!!” moments. The next second, I send the CEO another email apologizing but don’t hear back from him.
Next morning, I go into work hoping he has a sense of humor and I still have a job. He isn’t in. So I ask my direct boss. “Did you hear about the naughtiness with Norm last night?” (Probably need to restructure that sentence!) “No but you might as well tell me because I’ll find out.” I told her. She smiled a bit, reluctantly agreed it was an attempt to be funny and then said, “If it was a big deal, he would have texted me last night.” So job safe for now, I have been reassured that I am not funny and I no ball gown competitions for us. Damn, probably the only chance I will ever get.

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