Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No, My Giraffe!

I love the photo! So, you ask, how have I tied a story to it? Ah, just you wait and see!

We have a nurse at work who seriously can’t weigh more than 80 pounds. We also have a patient who is about the same tiny size, and who is bed bound. (She can’t stand up or even sit up on her own, a complete lift.) 

 New regulations require weights on patients. (Before, we could use other ways to document approximate weight.) 

For ladies like this one, we usually pay a company with a special lift to go out and get a weight but it costs about $100. So our nurse, trying to problem solve, suggested she pick her up and get a standard scale weight for both of them. 

 Idea rejected but just visualizing how it would happen makes me giggle.

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