Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kansas is usually not the correct answer

My kid has been doing great in school, which hasn’t always been the case, so hooray and I wish I could take some of the credit. Actually, I did find her the world’s most fabulous tutor so I’ll take the credit for that. (Thanks Rachel!) Well, come to find out, she is getting an F in history. Sigh! She hasn’t turned in her project, “What are the causes of the Civil War?” I say to myself, “Well that is an interesting and complex question. We could talk about the history of the global economy, the development of maritime ability and the impact of Christianity on social norms.”
Oh no. She needs to summarize nine specific events and congressional acts. She has sat in class for weeks and all she knows is Kansas is important. How or why or when is not apparent. Sigh. So we start from the beginning. “What is the Missouri Compromise?” “Well in Kansas. . . “ “What is Uncle Tom’s Cabin?” “Well in Kansas . . .” “What were the Lincoln Douglas debates?” “Well in Kansas. . . “ “Honey! Kansas is not always the correct answer. In fact, unless the question involves the Wizard of Oz, Kansas is usually not the correct answer.”

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Rachel said...

:) thank, Alex! I'm certainly trying! I think it would be better if I could go to class with her! (and learn some more about Kansas) ;)