Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthdays and Dinners and Twin Sisters

My family had the traditional out-to-eat, birthday extravaganza. In a family of six kids, getting “private time” with BOTH parents was pretty amazing stuff. Private time was so awesome that being invited to go with my dad to the hardware store was on my list of top ten events. On one of my birthday outings, I got a crab salad. My dad asked if he could have a bite. It was the first time either of us had tasted crab. So as a teen I was hooked and as an adult he verified that crab was just a large sea insect.
(Twin sisters Jamie and Emily and Brother Dan) So, for one day of the year the price of the bill didn’t have to be considered. To put this in perspective, on those rare occasions when we went to McDonalds we weren’t allowed to order a cheese burger because it was too much money for a slice of cheese. Granted, we couldn’t contemplate anything much more extravagant than the local steak house so my parents weren’t in danger of going broke. On one of my younger, twin sisters’ birthday, they carefully contemplated the best place to go. McDonalds? Dee’s Family Restaurant? The local pizza parlor? Eventually they picked the K-Mart deli. That’s my family, living the high life!

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