Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big, Ugly Tats - because a fan base is forever

A continuation of my comparison of Trekkies versus Twihards. Tattoos that should have required a 30 day waiting period. I would have to say this is a tie with one supposition on my part. In thirty years, I think the Trekkies will still have a following. I’m guessing Twilight may not be so fashionable.
Something to consider, visible tattoos proclaiming your fan-dome might limit your job prospects, prevent your enlistment in the military (no tats visible while wearing the uniform) and will lead to easy identification in a line up. (“It was that guy! The one with the Bella tattoo!”)
Tattoos of faces sometimes go horribly wrong. And, frankly, I’ve seen my share that get even worse as you get the old saggy, baggy skin.
Quote tattoos. “Live long and prosper.” Not a bad quote but possibly not in Vulcan.
Perhaps not creepy, obsessive quotes with images that are reminiscent of self-mutilation.
Sexy tattoos Star Trek style.
Sexy tattoos Twilight style.
Finally, I just don’t even know what to say.

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