Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back off, I’m with the band.

More Trekkie versus Twilight comparisons for your enjoyment, because you WILL enjoy this.
I asked the dog (communication with the dog is common, since he is generally the only one available.) “Do you think that either of the fan groups have a band influenced by their movies?” He replied, “No, that’s just silly.”
Well, being stubborn, and knowing the dog is often wrong, I looked and both fan groups do! The Trekkies inspired Wrap 11 and I can’t even list most of their song titles because of the R ratings. Let’s just say their most popular song is “Borgasm” and I’m willing to believe they aren’t a church band.
The Twihards inspired The Bella Cullen Project and they have such offerings as, “Charles’s Answering Machine” and “We don’t need no Stinking Fangs.”
In the interim I came across a little article about Charm City Cakes. (That is the bakery that Duff Goldman owns in Maryland and the one where they filmed Ace of Cakes. Ring any bells for anyone? I loved that show!) The made a very nice Star Trek cake for a Trekkie.
In response, the Trekkie went NUTS! “This is a DISASTER! I can’t BELIEVE they put Scotty in the navigator’s position. I can’t believe these people are SO CLUELESS about the basics of Star Trek. This is a DISASTER!” I think what he is saying is that it is a DISASTER with the implication of the upcoming end of the world.
So before the world ends, the comparison results, a tie for bands with ridiculous sounding titles.

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