Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Psycho Sleepover

One of my experiences growing up in the Mormon Church was the inequity of what the boys got to do and what the girls got to do. Boys – weekend trip to Lake Powell. Girls – afternoon learning how to knit. Boys – overnight ski trip. Girls – making a babysitting entertainment kit. Well that all seems fair.
I do remember one great activity. We got to sleep over at the church and watch movies. This is when VCR’s were just coming out, so being able to choose a movie was pretty exiting! The hit of the night? Hitchcock’s Psycho!
Pretty daring for a church group of tween girls. We loved it!
A little re-hash of a prior Hitchcock post. When I was in high school, I got a message to come to the front office and meet my dad. I thought the only way he would have left work and pulled me out of school was if someone had died.
So I go to the hall, hoping everyone is still alive and he says, “Do you know who Alfred Hitchcock is?” “Yes, why?” “The old Hitchcock movies are coming to a theater in Salt Lake! Will you come and see them with me?” “Sure.” Then he goes back to work and I go back to class.
So it turned out to be one of my best memories, watching Rear Window and Vertigo with my dad.

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