Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horror Movies where there is a “swearable moment”

A brief review: my 12 year old has forbidden me to swear, unless it is a swearable moment, as defined by her. This is a story of a swearable moment.
As a younger person, I loved horror movies. That was my adrenaline rush of choice but, as I aged, and became an old non-fun mom, I don’t like horror movies anymore. Except, once a year, around Halloween I go see one, or at least part of one, just to remind myself.
So this year, I picked “Sinister” and it was appropriately spooky and almost good. Like most horror movies, it falls apart at the end, and what is with the glut of “creepy kid” movies over the past ten years?
Now I must do a mea culpa. As youngish, and oh-so-dumb parent, I have taken my kids to inappropriate movies and now get to shut up about others’ not-so fabulous parenting choices. However, and here comes the swearable moment, what kind of dumbass parents (yes mom and dad or male and female adults anyway) bring two little boys (maybe four and six) to a movie, showing families being murdered and creepy, from-the-grave, kids!?! That is spookier than most things on film!

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