Saturday, October 27, 2012


When we first moved to Hawaii, I was warned about the centipedes by my neighbors. They told me the only safe way to kill one was to cut it up with garden shears. Right, I’m thinking to myself.
These are nasty! They grow eight to twelve inches, not kidding, and they are aggressive and extremely fast. If you try squish one by stepping on it, it will flip its ends up and sting your foot. Then it will mock you for your foolishness. Stings are really, really painful.
My neighbor was an ER doctor. He was stung by a small centipede and thought the people coming into the ER with stings were babies. Then, one night, he was stung by a big one. (They love warmth and will crawl into a bed.) He immediately repented his ways.
My kid was stung by one that was hiding in her slipper. (Poor kid!) I decided the neighbors weren’t foolish after all and I grabbed a pair of scissors. Even cut in half the thing lived for a remarkably long time. Ick!

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