Monday, September 17, 2012

The Perfect Mom

Sierra broke her arm on the trampoline, so it was in a cast. One day her aunt came for a visit and as she was driving away, Sierra dashed out and ran after her. A car coming down the street hit her. Thank God it wasn’t going very fast and the driver managed to slam on the breaks. Sierra threw up her casted arm to protect her face and fell backwards in the street when the car bumped her. Evidently, one benefit of having a cast is car deflection.
I used to work on the children’s trauma crisis team, and terrible things can happen in just seconds, even if you are being a diligent parent.
Before I had kids, I was the perfect mom. Come to find out there is a huge difference between hypothetically parenting and actual parenting. Who could have guessed such a thing? I’ll admit that before I had kids I was pretty judgmental. I think that’s why I had Sierra. She is one stubborn kid. I had to adapt or perish.

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