Monday, March 5, 2012

Puppy Park

Dogs: Please may we go to the puppy park? We are so good and nice and never sit on the sofa. 
Me: Sigh!

It is such a pain to load them in the car. They are so heavy and have such big booties they can’t / won’t lift themselves in. They stand there, front legs on the seat waiting for me to lift them in. Then the kid starts looking sad and pitiful, wanting to go. So, faced with three begging babies I give in.

When we get to the park, the puppies go nuts for about 3.2 minutes. They are so heavy they can’t run very fast and are usually at the tail end of the pack. After that, they meander off, pee on every fence post. Then the flop down, usually in the rocks (why I don’t know) and they are done. 

The kid on the other hand climbs every piece of dog agility equipment and refuses to leave while I try to detangle myself from the guy telling me his about his alien abduction.
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