Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl Park

Remembers taking kids to park where, inevitably, every 42 minutes, an unfortunate child would wander in the arc of swing and get plowed by the swinger? Well I do! Every time . . . without fail. I failed the cheerful park mom merit badge.

So the kid wants me to go with her to the park. When the kids were tiny, I attentively put them in swings and pushed, caught them at the base of the slides and called out enthusiastically while they ran around “really fast, watch Mom!”
I did my park duty. I’m done with park duty. (Well perhaps as a grandma I could be called on to trudge to the park again.)  
With further questioning, it turns out the kid thinks I should go because I would have fun and I would meet new people . . 
park people . . .  
who evidently are happy and enthusiastic people.  
Oh honey, it’s cute that you think so.

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