Monday, February 6, 2012

Writer’s Club

I joined a few writers club ‘cause I like to think I can do that. So, now you have to suffer! Here is my 500 word assignment. “You / he / she wake up in a room with no windows or doors.”

She woke slowly with the obligatory stretch and yawn. She opened one eye, the other following in short succession. She was looking at a wall of blue. “Not blue, more like teal, a pale teal. It’s the color of a Tiffany gift box or the packaging of spa products.” She was surprised the walls weren’t white. “They must be trying to make the room soothing,” she thought and giggled. Getting out of bed, she surveyed the space. Four walls, a cube, approximately eight feet by eight feet. Looking up, she saw the ceiling, also teal, was taller than she had anticipated and contained a lighting structure.

“Help me! Help me! Help me!” Muted calls from her left started and she cocked her head with interest. When no change in the frequency or tone occurred she disregarded the refrain and continued to explore her space. The floor was covered in a soft but durable material also in blue. She bent to examine the bed. She found by pushing at the edge of the low platform, she could glide the entire structure into a recess in the wall. “Clever,” she thought. “Now I have room for a party, should that become a necessity.” She giggled again.

“Please! I’ve got to get out! Please!” Muffled calls from the right started. In her mind she named the occupants the Screamer-to-the-Left and the Screamer-to-the-Right. Ignoring the yells, she went to the hygiene corner of the room. Rolling back a portion of the wall she revealed a metal surround containing a small sink, toilet and shower. She nodded. It was satisfactory for her needs. In the other corner was the communication slot, though communication was not allowed and she had no desire to contact anyone. This was where food and bathroom items would be passed and dirty uniforms would be collected. She lifted the slot and heard a mumbled monologue punctuated by moans and whimpers. So the occupant across the hall would be named The Moaner.

She stood in the center of the room and sighed in satisfaction. This was the room in its entirety; bed, hygiene corner and communication slot. No windows, no doors and no complicated social requirements, everything needed for survival without the obligation of human contact. From the room behind her came a thump and a sob, thump, sob, thump, sob. She named the occupant to the rear The Banger. So now she had met her fellow occupants.

It had taken her three years to get here. Three years of careful planning to commit a crime of such notoriety that she could be sentenced to permanent placement in the penal facility. Three years of planning and action to be placed in a deep sleep while she was walled in to a nest of seclusion. It was perfect and she giggled.

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