Sunday, February 26, 2012

Softball and Adequate Parenting

Once again the kid amazes me. This is the kid that tried out for volley ball, soccer and basketball. She didn’t make any of the teams but took it in stride and decided she would just have to make the team (any team) next year. 
She gives me a call two days ago, “Um mom, can you pick me up late ‘cause I’m going to try out for soft ball?” “Do you know how to play soft ball?” “Mom! Everyone knows how to play soft ball!”

The one time I tried out for the dance team in High School I was so devastated that I didn’t make it, I sobbed in my bedroom for three days. Plus I have zero athletic ability and absolutely no knowledge of sports other than it usually involves a ball of some kind. So to have a kid that does such things makes me think I didn’t screw up too badly. Hooray for adequate parenting!!

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