Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dangers of Air Travel

When my girls were tiny, we lived across country from my family so we did lots of traveling. 
I made airplane travel kits for them; little pop-up books, mini puzzles, tiny dolls, coloring pads, a few crayons and, not my brightest idea, glue sticks and tiny scissors. The scissors were really small, one inch long, Hello Kitty scissors, so what could it hurt right? 
One flight, the girls were sitting in separate seats from me. I look up and see this little hand with scissors coming up from the seat a few rows in front of me. 
She reaches over and snips a few hairs off the guy sitting next to her. He didn’t notice, and as soon as I could, I confiscated the scissors. 
I guess it is one of the risks of flying, having your hair snipped by some kid with an irresponsible mom.
Unnoticed hair triming are probably no longer a danger of flying. TSA is all over finding and confiscating tiny scissors from toddlers.

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jamie said...

One of my favorite stories ever!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that one. It's a goodie! That is too funny! Someday, your book is going to have people rolling on the floor, laughing so hard they pee their pants.