Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tea Dye Part 1

A tea dye how to:
Choose your tea and/or coffee and brew it up.

Pick a container, pour the brew in. I like to leave the bags in too. I think a darker batch is better because it won’t take forever to soak the color in to the paper.
Pick what you want to color. The lighter colored papers are better and paper without coating is also better. (Sad, but I haven’t had much success with paper bags. which I think would be fabulous.) I like tags but I’ve also dyed pages of books, sheets of cardstock, maps and flash cards (and just about anything else made of paper.)
Ribbons and lace with a high cotton content work well. I think the tags looks better if they are folded or crumpled so the dye isn’t uniform when it dries. Ribbon and lace can also be rolled or tied to make the dye uneven.
To keep everything submerged, golf balls work well.
Once they’ve soaked for a bit (30 minutes or so) take a few samples out and see if they are as dark as you want. If they are, spread them out to dry. 
I like to put a few glasses on top of them to make an indentation. They dye will pool a little bit and they look like a coffee cup ring.
You can stick corners of the paper back in the dye to add layers of color.
To get some extra color variation, take a tea bag and sprinkle drops over the tags. 
You can also take a “toss away” cup and ink it the rim. Stamp the rim down for a ring of color.
I usually leave everything out overnight to dry.
However, I’ve had verifying success drying everything in the clothes dryer. It leaves papers wrinkled and adds further texture. Be aware, if you are doing tags with string, they tangle and tear. (Warning – I have no idea how safe this is so do at your own risk!! Plus it will leave tea in the dryer that you have to wipe out.) Now you are set to do all kinds of fun stuff with your newly dyed papers. More fun than a new pony!

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