Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dresses vs Overalls

I have to start this story with some explanation. 
My two oldest kids are one year apart so, as toddlers, they did most things together. Also, I’m a low maintenance mom. Kids with piggy tails, overalls and sandals are good to go. 
However, one day I found two little sailor dresses and I couldn’t resist getting them. We planned to meet the other moms (the good moms with the ruffles and sequins and bows) at the park so I put the girls in the sailor dresses and even added ribbons to the piggy tails. 
We had to run to the store first and I’m hustling along with no cart because we are going to be fast. 
I hear a giggle (never a good sign) turn around and there are two diapers (clean) on the floor of the store and one diaperless girls is running one way and one diaprless girl is running another. 
That was the end of the dresses and back to overalls.

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