Friday, September 30, 2011

Recognized by Bruise

Several years ago, my parents went to Europe and bought all the girls beautiful sets of linen. Being the fancy pants that I am, I’ve only used the set a few times but mostly it’s folded and put away. I love it and want it out so thought I would make curtains. It has a table cloth that I’m just going to add ties to. Then there are eight napkins that I’m going to sew together at the edges to make two smaller curtains. The problem is it is too short so I need a band of fabric to lengthen it. (It all works out in my mind.)
Then a week ago I helped my brother move a load of stuff. Of course I ended up with a big stupid bruise on my arm.

After work, I bought some fabric at the store. It was the wrong color.
Later, after I changed clothes and pulled up my hair, I went back to get something different. The clerk was the same. She looked at my face and didn’t recognize me until she looked at my arm. “Wait a minute, I helped you earlier. I recognize your bruise!”
Ah – known for my bruises.
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Unknown said...

Ha! Well,there are worse things you could be known for.

Unknown said...

That was from me, Jenn.