Sunday, August 28, 2011


My grandmother would write, direct and costume musicals for roadshows, local radio programs, and Christmas celebrations. Most were original children’s stories like “The Christmas Elf.” One year, my younger brother was the only one who fit in the pretty angel costume so he was paid $5 to dance on stage for the closing number.
In the 50’s, she did a roadshow that offered a look into the “Minds’ Eye” with symbolic representation of the Id, The Ego and The Supper Ego. (My grandfather was a psychiatrist.) It started with a giant eye whose pupil rolled back and forth. I wonder what the LDS church, in the 50’s, thought of the dance of the mental angst.
She was actually quite talented and she made fabulous oversized paper mache masks with exaggerated features. She also made paper mache props and decorations, like a series of doll sized elves for the Christmas tree.
When she died, my sisters and I took a few of the smaller pieces and Wendy ended up with two grasshoppers. (They were part of a Days of 47 float decorations.)
Sierra was scared of them. She was assured they weren’t real but she kept eyeing them. “Are you sure? Are you sure they aren’t a LITTLE real?”

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