Monday, August 8, 2011

Dr. Bishop’s Sister

My brother helped me out when I was looking for a job. 

He’s an ER doc and reports that he kills lots of people so hospice should like him. 
He asked all the hospice marketers if they had social work openings, I would follow up and then if they hadn’t called me he would tell them, “You better call my sister back.” 
When I interviewed for my job they asked me at least three times if Dr. Bishop was coming to pick me up and if he was he should come in and say hello and if he wasn’t I should be sure to tell him that I had interviewed with them.  
When they hired me they made sure to remind me to tell Dr. Bishop that they had hired me. Then when I started work I was Dr. Bishop’s sister for a few days.  
Dan suggested at work I start signing my name as "Dr. Bishop's Sister."  
There is nothing like starting a job based on my brother's qualifications. 

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