Thursday, July 14, 2011

Theft of Cupboard

There was a great cupboard out on the street a few doors up. It had been sitting there for two days along with a mattress. 
Being new to Arizona I was unsure if this was typical behavior. Possible punishment for bad furniture? I didn’t know. I thought I would ask and went to the door. No answer but an eviction notice was on the screen. Hmmm.
Then a car pulled up as I was walking back. They weren’t the owners but said there was “Big Trash” pick up and that they were probably throwing it out.
They were considering taking it but graciously gave me primary scavenging rights. I grabbed the middle kid and we wheeled the thing up the street, all the time thinking this is cupboard theft.
Having learned about “Big Trash” day and wheeling a cupboard up the road like trailer trash, I hope I can fit in with the neighbors. 
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Rachel said...

ha ha! bulk trash snatching is fun!! good find!!