Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nieces and Nephews

My family and the neighbors spent a long, hot day lifting stuff. My brother Dan remarked, “I don’t think you have enough old suitcases.” (I have about 30 of them.) “I know I have a problem.” 
The dog started going nuts. As is usually the case, Odin lost his mind and jumped all over Oscar. 
The little nephews were very indignant. “That little dog, he is just a trouble maker.” “That big dog, he didn’t do anything bad and that little one just makes a problem.” 
I explained to them that Odin was the little brother and sometimes little brothers get too excited. They all nodded wisely.
My niece came to find me. “Aunt Alex, I have to tell you something. It isn’t fair that the boys get use that rolling contraption with wheels,” she said while pointing to the dolly.
Two little cousins taking a candy break.
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