Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guest Blogger

The things I like about Arizona by Savannah:

It’s warm all year round. I made friends here really fast. I live close to family so I can see them more often. I love seeing Dan and Christy because they take us places and do fun stuff. I love seeing Wendy and Einstein. They’re fun to hang out with. I can see my dad more than I did.
I love my new school, because we have a big library, a big gym, and we have lockers.
Arizona is fun. We live next to a dog park which is fun. Oskar and Odin tend to get in to trouble a lot!!
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Will Goodrich said...

Savannah I so happy for you. Keep up the blogging with your mom I like reading all the blogs.

March Matron said...

thanks will miss you lots

Daniel Bishop said...

I love having u here. U are super awesome.

Karalee said...

Savannah: I love that you have such a great attitude about the move! Way to be :)
Hope you do another guest-blogger-post soon!

Anonymous said...

Just wait til winter hits Arizona and it's 60 degrees. All your Utah cousins will be so jealous! Glad you're liking it so much.

Rachel said...

Hi Savannah! I love that you guys came to Arizona! I'm glad I found this blog!! ♥ Rachel :)