Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th Past and Mother of the Corn

In 2004, my youngest and I took a road trip to Nederland Colorado to see Tish, a good friend of mine from junior high. We got to attend the Nederland 4th of July parade. 
It is so small, the parade circled around twice. They didn’t have a theater so a movie was shown at the old elementary school turned community center twice a week. Such a fun place!
I had started calling my kids “children of the corn” as a joke to myself. The oldest had extrapolated the title and called me “mother of the corn.” Fairly apt. 
While we were driving with everyone, my four-year old didn’t want to be in a seat belt. I told her, “Just chill.” She immediately yelled back, “No! You chill, MO-THER OF THE CORN!” Tish thought it was hilarious. She says after that trip her kids still tell her, “No, you chill, mother of the corn.” At least I have a legacy.
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