Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Both my parents hate dogs. Hate them. Hate the hair, hate the poop, hate the barking, hate the drool, hate the smell. . . you get the idea. 
So, of their six adult kids, we’ve owned a total of 14 (now 16) dogs at one time or another. I think there might be some backlash on childhood puppy deficiency.

I had been thinking of getting a puppy for a few months. We asked around and did some research and a Bernese Mountain dog seemed to be a good choice. My 15 year old was up for a visit in February. There was one puppy in the area and we grabbed him.
My sister named him Oscar and it stuck – though the kids insist on Oskar, more exotic. As a little puppy, he loved to sit on your foot, look up into your face and lean back. So cute at 25 pounds, not as cute at 85 pounds but I guess there are more annoying things dogs do.

My 15 year old was back up in April. The girls decided that Oskar needed a little sibling. So after more research and asking around, it looked like “Berner” siblings were another good choice. (Don’t laugh yet.) We took Oskar with us and he chose what turned out to be a little brother, Odin.
My 15 year old was up this month and clarified that just because she was visiting, did not mean we were going to get another dog. Good plan.
I have to say, they are really, really cute dogs. Two aren’t as easy as one and there has been untold destruction of toilet paper rolls. But, as the 11 year old says, “How can you look at those cute little faces and not love them?”

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Jamie said...

And when cute Oscar sits right on your feet so you can't move until youpet him how can you not love him?!

March Matron said...

baby odin

March Matron said...

3 kids