Monday, June 27, 2011

Invitations: Part 3

My mom’s party was going to be a surprise and, thinking we were clever, we wanted people to leave a note for her. (We made a little scrapbook with the notes.)
This time we started with the envelope. Even though it requires a little more postage, we wanted a square envelope. I didn’t want to make folding cards for these invitations and I thought square cards would look better.

To start, we downloaded a template of a legal brief from a web site. Then we spiced it up with lots of “bla, bla” and some legal terms thrown in.

We copied it on resume paper and used a standard template to cut out the envelope. Again, beware of the over-glue! Several envelopes did not make it.

For the invitations, we wanted to use some layers and the black deckle edge. We are classy that way. So we printed some “bla bla” background along with the invitation portion. Then, not to waste space, we added the note to Nelda portion on the side.

This one was easier to do than my dad’s but we had to make twice as many invitations. After October it took a few months to want to start another project.
Thanks for looking!
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Anonymous said...

Alex, seriously, you are so creative it makes me sick! Those invitations and envelopes are so stinking cute!

March Matron said...

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