Monday, June 27, 2011

Invitations: Part 2

The next part of the project was making the envelopes. 

Just FYI, the Post Office requires letters to be 3 ½ inches by 5 inches to 6 inches by 11 ½ inches. Square envelopes are an additional charge. I’ve also been able to send upcycled envelopes with address labels. 
We chose the yearbook title page to make the envelopes.

I took a few photos of the page and loaded it on the computer. The photo was enlarged and then turned at an angle. (I turned it at an angle just because I think it makes it more interesting.) Another option would be to take an entire discarded yearbook and make the envelopes with actual yearbook pages.

To make a pattern for the envelopes, the card was placed at the center of the sheet of paper.
Next, a fold was made on each side with the center flaps overlapping a little.
Then the sheet was unfolded and the card put back on the page. A lower flap was folded near the bottom edge and a thicker upper flap was folded down. No measuring, just folding.

The edges of the flaps were cut out along on the crease line.

To make the corners look more finished, we made an easy template with a curved corner. The template was used to cut curves on the top and bottom flap corners. Now we had a pattern for the envelopes.

Once we had them cut out, the next step was to glue the back flaps together and then glue the bottom lip. Warning! I always mess up a few envelopes with over-glue. There is no going back once the glue is down.

To finish off the back, we punched a portion of a circle were the back edges came together.

The smaller envelopes were made in a similar way. We added a clear seal into the packet for easy return closure and because it was classier than scotch tape.

We printed off a bunch of return mail addresses and took them to the post office without major incident.

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