Monday, May 2, 2016

Honey Pie, Jubie and the "Cute Litter Fucher"

This post started with a sad inevitably. The big fluffy-type dogs, of which I love, do not live very long . . .

and, if any Deity of Dogs is reading this . . .

we need to come up with a better longevity plan.

My family has lost several big puppies including Rex and Zoie.  

Emily recently lost both Honey Pie and Jubie, her two fluffy dogs . . .

One of you canine deities has to have a better plan.

My sister teaches elementary school and one of her students loves Huskies.

This is her playground contribution which says:
Your dog in the FUTURE!

This cute little girl is excited about everything and is nice to everyone!!! She sits in her seat with a big smile on her face, bouncing up and down rubbing her hands together because she's always happy and excited. 

My vice-principal came down to discipline the girl that wrote 'fu^*' on the playground. He almost died when he saw who it was and put two and two together!

Cute little fucher!!

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