Friday, August 7, 2015

Why would we lie?

Ah, Big Tobacco and Congress, working together for the benefit of the health and welfare of our country.  

"There still isn't a single shred of substantial evidence to link cigarette smoking and lung cancer directly." 
-R. J. Reynolds, 1954

Well sure, that was the 50's. We're a more sophisticated groups of consumers now. 

"None of the things which have been found in tobacco smoke are at concentrations which can be considered harmful. Anything can be considered harmful. Apple sauce is harmful if you get too much of it."
- Philip Morris, 1976

"If children don't like to be in a smoky room, they'll leave. At some point, they begin to crawl." 
- Charles Harper, R.J. Reynolds Chairman, USA Today, April 18, 1996

"What if you are right and smoking declines? As time passes...the population will be larger, and its average age will increase, because smoking-related diseases will disappear. The health system will be faced with treating a larger number of people, especially elderly people, which would tend to offset the savings of not having to treat people for smoking related diseases." 
-Tobacco Institute Australia, c 1989

"What do you think smokers would do if they didn't smoke? You get pleasure from it, and you get some other beneficial things, such as relief. Maybe you'd beat your wife." 
-Geoffrey C. Bible, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Philip Morris Companies, New York Times Magazine, June 21, 1998

"So are potatoes. Cancer-causing that is. Tobacco is in the same family. You inhale the fumes of potatoes when you're cooking them." 

- R Berryman, Tobacco Institute, Australia, 1989

"Whilst it [tobacco] is addictive, it is not that hard to quit." 
- Philip Morris International CEO Louis C. Camilleri, 2011

"Virtually every household has products that could be hazardous to children, like cleaning supplies, medicines, health and beauty products, and you compare that to 20 to 25 percent of households that use tobacco products...well, where is the real danger?" 
- David Howard, a Reynolds spokesman, on Camel Orbs. / Flavored Tobacco Pellets Are Denounced as a Lure to Young Users / New York Times, Monday, April 19, 2010

"Plain packaging makes it easier for packaging to be copied by counterfeiters, exposing consumers to products with unknown and potentially dangerous ingredients." 
-Jeffrey Hardy, Coordinator of ICC's Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) initiative, 2011

"We strongly oppose warning labels on cigarette packs. Warning labels may improperly imply that it has been scientifically established that smoking causes disease." 
-R J Reynolds opposing any type of health labeling on cigarettes, 1981

"We did not look at the underage market even though I am holding a document in my hand that says we did." 
-James Morgan, former president and CEO of Philip Morris in a testimony during the Minnesota Lawsuit

"They got lips? We want them."
-R J Reynolds response when asked exactly who the young people that R J Reynolds was targeting

"We don't smoke that shit. We just sell it. We reserve the right to smoke for the young, the poor, the black and the stupid." 
-R J Reynolds executive, June 1992

Ha! I can continue my feelings of superiority and intelligent decision making while I indulge in my processed, pre-packaged, food-like-product addiction. 

I think my lung capacity is probably similar to 70-year-old pack-a-day smoker.  

I guarantee that if I am found dead on a jogging trail, I was murdered elsewhere, probably surrounded by Diet Coke cans and potato chip bags, and my killer for some perverse reason dumped my body on the trail. 

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