Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Anti-Manchurian Candidate

"If I ever decide to run,
you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten. They'll remember me."
Oh Donald, Donald, Donald . . . 

"And did you notice that baby was crying through half of the speech and I didn’t get angry? Not once. Did you notice that? That baby was driving me crazy. I didn’t get angry once because I didn’t want to insult the parents for not taking the kid out of the room!"

There is an under-appreciated benefit of the Trump campaign . . . 

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write
as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

“All the women on The Apprentice flirted with me — 
consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

With Donald running, Americans pay a little more attention to politics. It is like driving by a car wreck. You have to look or you might miss out on something truly horrible. 

For example, a small foible . . . 

Referring to GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona 

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.
I like people that weren’t captured, okay?”

small in terms of Donald sized foibles . . . 

Trump a cadet at New York Military Academy, sidestepped the draft with four deferments and a medical disqualification for bone spurs in his foot. “I never heard of any foot problem other than them being well-placed in his mouth.” Wayne Barrett, Trump biographer 

He played Neil Young's Rockin' In The Free World before explaining how rich he is, how he doesn't sweat, and how his foreign policy would be to ground trouble making countries until they had a change in attitude.

“The wall will go up and Mexico will start behaving.”

Rockin' in the Free World is a criticism of George "Big Daddy" H W Bush and the system that created Trump's empire.

The Response:
"Donald Trump was not authorized to use Rockin' In The Free World in his presidential candidacy announcement. Neil Young, a Canadian citizen, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America."

Jumping to Bernie "He Is The Bomb" Sanders. During the GOP debates, Bernie tweeted his responses: 

Tom Hanks. Finally. Somebody who makes some sense. #GOPDebate #DebateWithBernie

Oh. It was just a movie trailer. #GOPDebate #DebateWithBernie

Check it out. How many of the candidates on the stage have super PACs funded by millionaires and billionaires? #DebateWIthBernie

@realDonaldTrump is the exception. He of course is his own super PAC. #DebateWithBernie

It's over. Not one word about economic inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt. That's why the Rs are so out of touch. #DebateWithBernie

During the #GOPDebate @BernieSanders gained over 10k new followers on Twitter with the hash tag #DebateWithBernie

A few more Tweets from Bernie's Twitter account.

@BernieSanders Let me say loudly and clearly – health care is a right of all people, not a privilege.

@BernieSanders "a kid who smokes marijuana gets an arrest record but a CEO who wrecks the economy gets away with it" #BernieInLA

It makes a lot more sense to invest in education and jobs than in incarceration. #BernieInLA

We are going to get the government out of profiteering on student loans. That is going to change. #BernieinPortland

When one family spends more money than both -parties, that is not democracy that is oligarchy. #BernieinPortland

March poll: Hillary Clinton: 44% Bernie Sanders: 8% August poll: Hillary Clinton: 37% Bernie Sanders: 44%

Go Bernie!! 

" If you can’t get rich dealing with politicians,
there’s something wrong with you."

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