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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

E Ticket

Nixon and Kennedy televised debate Newsweek October 1960

My high school Drama and Debate department was like, totally rad. We had a very engaging and enthusiastic teacher, Kim Burningham. He was also a state legislator and for years the voice of reason on the school board. 

Some of the debaters, as was fashionable, chose different monikers. My favorite was E Ticket Moscon, named after the old Disneyland ticket system, the E Ticket being the most valuable. He also cut down a bunch of trees in his back yard and built a huge skateboard halfpipe, making it the first in the area. 

One year the seniors took over the library. They locked the doors and operated a casino complete with roulette table and green eyeshades for the blackjack dealers. 

At the end of the year, there was an ingenious project for learning court procedure. Our teacher would secretly pick one of the seniors to play criminal. The criminal would make elaborate plans to kill the rest of the debaters like planting "bombs"(an alarm clock and note) in various school locations.

The teacher also assigned a judicial team consisting of judge, prosecutor and defense attorney. The prosecutor chose investigators and would bring charges against the suspect. A trial would ensue and the class voted innocent or guilty. The best year was when the Senior Criminal was also assigned as the prosecutor. 

Hands down, the funnest class ever!

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