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Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Heavens

A few interactions with my 98-year-old friend.

After being told by her doctor that she should pray for her medical condition, “Well what the hell good is that going to do? I’m sure he is busy with things other than my blood pressure.”

After falling, not being able to stand up, scooting backwards to her phone, pulling it down by the cord, calling 911, scooting backwards to her front door and listening to the debate by paramedics on the most spectacular way to break down the locked screen door  “Oh for heaven sakes. They keys are in my pocket. Cut a hole in the bottom screen and I’ll throw them to you.”

Biggest concern while she was in the hospital? Not being able to feed the wild bunnies and the wild birds.

Discussing why she can’t hear on the phone, “My husband insisted on changing the phone to this new one (probably circa 1950’s) and now I can’t hear anything.”

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