Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20 Slang Names for the PoPo

Slang for police from around the globe (and non-
corresponding photos that I found amusing.) 

Asphalt Cowboy (Asfalt Kovboyu) - Turkey 

Queen's Cowboys - Canada (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

The Big Big Big Big - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bobby - UK (from the British Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel)

Peeler - UK (from Sir Robert Peel, also slang for striptease)

Bongo - UK (Books On and Never Goes Out)

Chillar - Pakistan (slang for fruit-covers)

Chimps - UK (Completely Hopeless In Most Policing Situations) 

Cop or Copper - UK (someone who captures Not a reference to copper buttons)

Ducks and Geese - Cockney (Rhyming Slang for Police)

Muppet - UK (Most Useless Police Person Ever 

Big Boy or Hubby (Panserbasse) - Danish 

Plastic Policemen - UK (Community Support Officers, limited powers and considered toy policemen) 

Hat of Crap (Paskalakki) - Finnish

Cocos - Scottish (Rhyming slang for Coco Pops The Cops)

Mama (Uncle) - Indian (old and harmless) 

Summon Auntie - Singapore (female traffic wardens write summons for parking violations) 

Maniac - Israel

Smurfs - Greek (reference to the blue uniforms) 

Crusher - UK (nickname from the Royal Navy Regulating Branch) 

Meathead - Canada (name for WWII Military police from a reference to the saying go until you Meet the Head of the trail)

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