Friday, December 5, 2014


Christmas is coming and I am getting fat. (Well the active continuation of and increase in fat.) 

In my attempt to fight The Man, I turned to for something unique, fabulous and supporting entrepreneurial proprietors. 

If you are wondering where the name Etsy came from (I obviously did) founder Rob Kalin chose it because 'etsi' in Italian means 'a lot' and in Latin it means 'and if.' Clever!

For me, it means 'etsi' hours searching and filling up my cart and then reevaluating what my family would really want.  

So far I've bought Nose Butter for Oscar and Odin, who I now know are in need of such a product. 

I also bought 'etsi' more little houses to go with my little house collection. Now I only need to prevent misplacing  them before I find my other little houses buried in a box somewhere in my garage. 

Creative Etsy sellers who make mini houses and dog nose products: 12  

Christmas shopping completion: 0 

Come on Etsy! Don't make me turn to The Man for my Christmas needs. 

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