Wednesday, December 10, 2014


No one would describe Bernese Mountain Dogs as tidy. 

They are droolers . . .

but not like Newfoundlands or Saint Bernards, you know, the record breaking slobberers. 

Odin comprehends this. He drools for a reason. Food. . . drool. Food associated activity. . . drool. 

I can live with that. 

Oscar on the other hand. . . well, recall Pavlov? Russian guy with dogs and bells? Won a Nobel Peace Prize for making dogs droll on command? 

In and of itself, it sounds like one of those government funded, top secret, military experiments.  Striking fear in the heart of an enemy through dog drool.   

Oscar does not grasp this concept. 

Stimulus. . . drool. 

No stimulus. . . drool. 

Go outside. . . drool. 

Take a nap . . . drool. 

Seriously dude. Stop making everything in house damp! 

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